# Think Big. Stay Small

In 2010 a Small group of open minded, free spirited advertising, marketing and design professionals, whose dreams were too Big for the jobs they already had, created the agency they always wanted to work for. That was the beginning of Digitall. The coffee mugs got Bigger and Bigger and the coffee breaks Smaller and Smaller but after 12 years they succeeded in proving that forward thinking digital design and carefully planned digital marketing strategies, can effectively coincide.

Our user-centric approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across all digital and communications touchpoints.
We have produced measurable digital solutions for over 40 Global & National brands, has worked with large Advertising agencies and has been awarded, with 6 Social Media Awards, 2 Ermis Awards, 1 WebX award, 1 Estia Award & 3 Indie Awards.


# WeBelieve
/ That it’s possible to make a creative playground rather than a production factory
/ In a world that is experimental, innovative and fun.
/ That great design can change the way consumers and brands interact with each other.
/ In meaningful connections between people and brands.
/ That our small size makes us fast, flexible, easily adaptable and effective.