Nami Sushi Digital Presence


Nami Sushi Digital Presence

Nami Sushi Digital Presence

Alexis Aggelidis, industrial designer and Head of the AKTO Product & Design Innovation course, always dreamed about creating a design concept space that would be more than just another sushi restaurant. Nami Sushi, is a  modern design Japanese restaurant, located in the heart of Glyfada’s shopping center, which opened its gates in March 2017.

Since the beginning, Digitall was in charge of Nami’s entire online presence and digital promotion by :

1. Creating Nami’s website
From 03/2017 until 07/2017 the site was visited by 2.300 unique users with an average staying time of 1.45 min.

2. Setting up Nami’s Google Suite & Google Business Account.
From 03/2017 until 07/2017, the website had 7.27K Total views, 837 actions (website/directions/calls) and photos featured on the site got 34.7% more views when compared to similar business site’s photos.

3. Setting up and managing Nami’s Foursquare Business account.
From 03/2017 until 07/2017, the restaurant has accomplished a 8.1 rating and is already 5th in Glyfada’s Sushi Restaurants List. It also has 15.081 Tips views and  46 Venue Likes. Foursquare ads targeting the area were also  used in promoting the restaurant.

4. Creating and managing Nami’s Facebook page,
building a community as well as Nami’s Digital & Social identity.
Content Strategy was based on 3 pillars:

OUR HEART:  Food +Art =Visual,  aiming at the ‘I want it now’ reaction
OUR HEAD:  We have EVERYTHING you need about sushi, wide variety of plates / USP – TEMAKI
OUR EXPERIENCE: We are  SUSHI/TAMAKI EXPERTS and we are here to offer you a unique tasting experience.

Creating a location activated Facebook frame NAMI camera effect featuring the hashtag #lovenami.

Designing and running targeted low budget Facebook ad campaigns and Like Ads, aiming at community growth, targeting the area using precise Geo-Targeted ads, devices etc.
Promoted Posts, aiming at rising our content’s reach and user engagement.

From 03/2017 to 07/2017, in only a few months and with a limited ad budget, Nami’s Facebook Page has reached 2.600 (Quality) Fans within the Athens area and  has a 82 5star reviews. Since the restaurant’s opening, the page’s engagement rate has never dropped below 4% while maintaining an 8% average weekly engagement rate. It should also be noted that no kind of contest was ever run by the page.

5. Creating & managing Nami’s Instagram account
Our strategic goal was to use eye-catching content to engage users on this very different social medium and build our Followers base.

6. Coming soon: Influence marketing strategy

Nami Sushi

Το αγαπημένο μας NAMI Sushi έκλεισε 3 μήνες λειτουργίας & μαζί digital στρατηγικής συνεργασίας! Ένα καλό case study, με insights θα ετοιμαστεί στους 6 μήνες 😉 #WeBuildDigitalBrands #digitall #LoveNami

Posted by Digitall on Friday, 23 June 2017