Zisto Intersport


Zisto Intersport

This responsive microsite was created to support the ΖΗΣΤΟ corporate INTERSPORT campaign
and was hosted on the zisto-intersport.gr landing page.
It was also accessible from all devices (mobile-tablet-desktop), further enhancing user experience.

It was designed as an online interactive platform, asking users to “live” and “share” their love for sports
by uploading videos of their favorite or intense moments as athletes.

The campaign was launched in two phases. The first was dedicated to Fitness and the second to Team sports.
Users were asked to upload first-person view videos of their own special sport moments, view other athlete’s videos and vote for their favorite.
Each participant was granted a unique discount code they could use on their next purchase either online or at an actual INTERSPORT store.
The 3 most popular videos on the platform were granted a 200 euro INTERSPORT gift card and the best shots were combined
to create a motivational video urging people to live the experience of sports.

The video platform had over 5000 unique users with an average time spent on site of 4 min while the INTERSPORT e-shop
showed increased sales rate during the span of the campaign that also was supported
by a Facebook Ad campaign, creative banners and instore communication materials.